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Endorsements of Mark Eutsler, Ph.D., Principal of The Edge

Mark is very able to tackle any endeavor he sets his mind on and will always be regarded by me as one of the finest individuals I have the pleasure to know. (1984)

Glenn Knecht Crawfordsville Mayor

Because of your dedication Hoosier Celebration ’88 can fulfill its promise to spark an even greater tomorrow for Indiana.  With your assistance, Hoosier Celebration ’88 will reach its highest potential. (1988)

Robert D. Orr Indiana Governor

Any city is proud to recognize hardworking, industrious people who are dedicated to the betterment of our community.  Mark has spent many years in dedicated service to our City and State. (1987)

William Hudnut Indianapolis Mayor

Thank you for your willingness to serve the citizens of the State of Indiana.  It is with the assistance of talented Hoosiers like yourself that we will reach our goal of making Indiana government responsive to the challenges which confront our great state. (1993)

Evan Bayh Indiana Governor

By your standards of excellence you exemplify all that we hold dear and honor in the City of Jacksonville. (1993)

Ed Austin Jacksonville Mayor

All of Lafayette, Indiana and all of America have benefited greatly through his many different creative efforts.  He obtained the approval of the U.S. State Department to have me prepare an arrangement of the new Russian National Anthem.  Copies of the recorded music and band arrangements were distributed throughout Russia. (1995)

Bill Moffit Indiana Music Arranger Laureate & Purdue University Professor of Bands Emeritus

Volunteers of Mark’s caliber make our 500 Festival known throughout the world.  He is deeply appreciated by our City for all his good works and the many lives he has touched. (1997)

Stephen Goldsmith Indianapolis Mayor

The major purpose will be to ensure high standards.  Your experience and expertise will play an important role in fulfilling this purpose. (1999)

Suellen Reed Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction

I am honored to express the appreciation of all Hoosiers for your commitment to making Indiana a better place to live and raise a family.  You have distinguished yourself by your humanity in living, your loyalty in friendship, your wisdom in council, and your inspiration in leadership.  Indiana is better off today because of your dedication to it and your fellow Hoosiers. (2005)

Joe Kernan Indiana Governor

You are a valuable team member who has helped us fulfill a critical national defense mission.  Your volunteer spirit is why our national security and Agency preparedness remain steadfast. (2013)

Lawrence Romo U.S. Selective Service System Director

On behalf of your fellow citizens, I want to express gratitude for the time and talent you have invested for the benefit of your fellow Hoosiers. (2008)

Mark Eutsler is an individual who has earned the respect and admiration of Hoosiers across the state. (2011)

Your distinguished community service is a tribute to your commitment to helping others and bettering life for Hoosiers and citizens across our country.  I join the chorus of praise and thanks for your work.  Purdue is proud of you. (2013)

Mitch Daniels Indiana Governor and Purdue University President

Volunteers like you are what make Indiana the fine state that it is.  I marvel at the list of your wide-ranging contributions. (2013)

Sue Ellspermann Indiana Lieutenant Governor

I applaud your remarkable service that benefits Indiana and the Nation.  Your commitment serves as an example to all Hoosiers that one person truly can make a difference in the lives of many. (1997)

Your tireless service to the community should be an example to all Hoosiers. (2013)

Dan Coats U.S. Senator

Your work on the U.S. Selective Service System Board and service to a variety of organizations in Indiana have proven to be invaluable and will inspire those around you to strive to be the best version of themselves.  Your selfless spirit and dedication is exemplary to your community and the state as a whole. (2013)

Mike Pence Indiana Governor

Your service to the State of Indiana, and the protection and nurturing of its citizens, is exemplary to the highest degree.  You clearly went above and beyond the call of duty with respect to your selflessness and dedication to the people of Indiana.  If not for your hard work and perseverance America would not be as great as it is today (Congressional Record). (2013)

Todd Rokita U.S. Representative

He has demonstrated great concern and interest in his community, state and country. (1994)

He has demonstrated over many years that he has the drive, commitment, and passion to serve others.  Please give careful consideration to Mark’s stellar credentials. (2017)

Sheila J. Klinker Indiana State Representative

Dr. Eutsler is a gifted leader with great instincts.  He has a diversified background that allows him to be very valuable in numerous initiatives.  Dr. Eutsler is a person of great integrity and drive.  I trust his advice and consider his input and insight in all decisions. (2017)

Robert E. English Indiana State University College of Technology Dean

He is a natural and charismatic leader, a truly honest, respected and admired person, and he has my highest personal recommendation. (2017)

Ralph H. Hansen Pegasus Marketing Group President & CEO

I have had the opportunity to interact with Mark for many years through our mutual association with Indiana State University and the United Methodist Church.  He is a devout advocate for the many organizations he has been involved with willing to commit his personal time and resources for their benefit.  His extensive educational background coupled with his diverse volunteer and service experiences have truly prepared him to understand and address multi-faceted issues with a creative problem solving approach. (2017)

Mike Alley Patriot Investments, LLC, Chairman

Mark is a person of quality, integrity, and forthrightness.  He is well-known throughout central Indiana and beyond for his active involvement in a variety of church and community groups–most typically in leadership roles with those groups.  I observed his leadership most directly in his work with Metro Ministries, which is our mission coordination group for the Indianapolis area.  Mark helped that group re-organize, gain firm financial footing, and expand their outreach.  This is the kind of leadership which Mark has exhibited in many, many groups in Indiana. (2017)

Michael J. Coyner United Methodist Bishop (retired)

I know that Dr. Eutsler’s character is above reproach, and that his commitment to family, community and our nation is exemplary. (2017)

Mark Miles Hulman & Company President and Chief Executive Officer

Mark consistently demonstrates excellent judgement tempered with deep consideration of the ramifications on the involved constituencies.  He is well liked by others and knows how to develop a plan, and manage contemporaries and colleagues in solving difficult issues.  You know when you are working with Mark that a project is going to be completed in a timely manner as well as provide answers to the question at hand and in a workable fashion. (2017)

Jan Eglen Digonex Technologies Co-Founder

From the perspective of Indiana State University, Mark serves on our President’s National Advisory Council and has distinguished himself with his volunteerism throughout the state.  He is a remarkable leader, and I highly recommend him. (2017)

Greg Goode Indiana State University Executive Director of Government Affairs

Mark and I have worked together in my capacity as president of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and his service on several organizations and I have been impressed with his work ethic, passion and most importantly his integrity and dependability. (2017)

Doug Boles Indianapolis Motor Speedway President

Mark Eutlser is an exemplary role model for our students.  He is a truly global citizen. (2013)

Mark is a tireless public servant.  His interests are quite varied and well-rounded, ranging from education to economic development to the arts and beyond. (2017)

Dan Bradley Indiana State University President

He has many years of valuable experience on boards in various capacities such as chairing the board of Operation Classroom, an international ministry to improve education in Sierra Leone and Liberia. (2017)

Curtis Shirley Law Office of Curtis E. Shirley

Mark has always exhibited the highest integrity and determination in all pursuits. (2017)

Brian Hasler Indiana State Representative (retired)

Under his leadership of the band committee, more than 40,000 students from 300 high schools have experienced Indy 500 race weekend. (2017)

Bob Bryant 500 Festival President & CEO

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